Working From Home?!

March is coming to an end. I am nearing the end of what we all thought was going to be a 10 day shut down because of Covid 19.  I was HOPEFUL that was going to be it, but…lets be real this extension is not a big surprise.  So, we have another month or so to kill.  WHAT TO DO????

Well, here I am starting the Blog I have meant to do for about a year.   I am considering some at home hair maintenance when I am done. Home hair maintenance of the day…

Malibu miracle repair.    A great time of the year to deep condition.

Don’t let hair panic set it. Hair cut and color needs are going to have to be put on hold. Think of the marvelous makeovers we can do when we all get back I the salon.  Here are a couple things to think about…

  1. Color corrections are more expensive services than regular color.  DONT RESORT TO A HOME BOX!
  2. Might be a great time to grow out your bangs/hair if you were considering it. RIGHT?
  3. Rock a scarf or hat. (we are suppose to hunker down any way so…)
  4. Dig out your tweezers, we have the time for brow maintenance.

I am shaking it up today, since I am home and all. I am going to set my hair in rollers after my deep condition. Going to doll up for stay home happy hour tonight!  May or may not post that outcome!!!

Just an FYI if products are your need, lets talk. I can still get my hands on them if need be. I do have some powder root touch ups in stock if it will help in your wait for your next appointment.  They really are glorious and do the trick.  I carry Style Edit root touch up and I have a couple of Color Wow root touch up.


Just remember, that burning desire you have to get your hair done does not ever compare to my red hot burning desire to do it!

Hang tight all!

Missing my clients and co-workers!

Love, Sarah


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  1. Kathy - April 22, 2020 Reply

    This is awesome! You’re a natural!

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