Crazy Times in the Beauty World

Yes, we are not able to open due to Covid-19. The closure has been extended 2x and I would not be surprised if it were to go longer. I believe was the biggest day in Minnesota for new cases. (not a good sign). But I feel confident in our Governor. Minnesota is still one of the lowest per capita cases. I also feel that when we do what the experts are suggesting, this will pass. Or at least we can get a handle on it and try and get back to normal. When I say normal, I mean our NEW normal. Many things will change and when I hear about all the new rules and law they will impose on us I will share. Just an idea, I believe we will only have one stylist working at a time. Unfortunately, one of my favorite parts of my job is the work mate and client comradery. We will figure it out.
I am social distancing. It is making me crazy but I am. I go to the grocery store on occasion. I am keeping my house and also, my parents stocked with essentials. I am wearing a mask when I go out in public. my understanding it is your safest bet. I wish I would see more people following the suggestions of the CDC.
I am working on stocking up for when the give us the ok to open. I am certainly getting antsy to open, but truth be told, I will feel more confident in opening when I can properly stock up on the supplies I need for our safety and sanitation needs. I have been shopping and many or our need are out of stock.
So, until then. Hang in there everybody. I can still get product if anyone need product. You can contact me or you can online shop on my Salon Interactive Store. hhtps:// /SwankSpaSalon

Missing work and all my coworkers and Clients!




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