Looking forward

So, because I am unable to be in the salon. I have been taking on-line classes that I am very excited to share my knowledge.

I switched to Elgon Color line, last January. I have been REALLY happy with it and have learned some great new thing. One of the best part of the beauty industry is it is ever changing.   Couple things to look forward to when we get back at it, is some fabulous hair treatments,

Supreme Density    An infusion to animate hair that lacks thickness.

Supreme Brilliance    Great for hair that is dull, without shine or that has lost it luster.


Supreme Nourishment    Great for dry, course, damaged, fragile hair that is in need of nourishment.

How do you choose???

I am also looking to up my brow game.   Let’s get the brows is some seriously fabulous shape. Shaping, treating, tinting, lets rock some brows.


I cannot wait to get my hands on some clients!





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